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Do we still know what ‘doing nothing’ actually is nowadays? What with all the pressure of work, social obligations, choice overload, Facebook and Snapchat in today’s world, many people have forgotten how to simply relax and do nothing at all. Museum Kranenburgh presents an impressive range of works by contemporary artists that focus entirely on deceleration and enjoying the pleasures of idleness to the full. The exhibition offers a wide variety of images, installations and activities, all of which centre on the theme of doing nothing: from meaningful vegetation to pointless darts games, and from conscious idling to unrestrainedly lazing about. Eelco van der Lingen, curator of modern and contemporary art at the Fries Museum, curated the exhibition.
Practise the fine art of doing nothing all summer long
Museum Kranenburgh is open from 10:00 during the whole summer, and serves a delicious Summer Sunday Breakfast every Sunday. Yoga and painting sessions are held in the museum garden every week, there is a real midget golf course, and slow art tours can be made through the exhibition! Kranenburgh offers a Compulsory Boredom package and a real Digital Detox Day for younger visitors. Authors and thinkers tell you all about ‘doing nothing’ in our Garden Room, while Filmtheater Cinebergen film house has programmed films that allow you to fall asleep. For the current programme, please go to
David Rickard (NZ/UK, 1975) | Navid Nuur (NL/IR, 1976) | Tanja Ritterbex (1985) | Marijke van Warmerdam (1959) | Matthijs Munnik (1989) | Pauline Eecen (1925) | Feiko Beckers (1983) | Tom Friedman (US, 1965) | Ryan Gander (NL/UK, 1976) | Claire Harvey (UK, 1976) | Harrie Kuyten (1883-1952) | Inge Meijer (1986) | Bruce Nauman (US, 1941) | Kasper Niehaus (1889-1974) | Roman Signer (CH, 1938) | Erwin Wurm (AT, 1954) | Heinrich Zille (DE, 1858 – 1929) | Diederik Gerlach (1956) | Ed van der Elsken (1925 – 1990) | Rineke Dijkstra (1959) | Jeroen Eisinga (1966) | Jonas Lund (SE, 1984) | Alain Sechas (FR, 1955) | Natalia Toret (1976).

18 juni 2017 _ 24 september 2017